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Art of Ubuntu - In Production

Stories of Healing

Interviews, artwork, and puppetry illuminate the pathways they have chosen to navigate and make new meaning from their experiences. Interviewees collaborated with puppeteers to share their experience of healing through individual film segments, using shadow animations and other forms of puppetry.
The film shines a light on how artistic expression can help with recovery from trauma and illness, as well as raising awareness about the issues each of the interviewees has faced. An emotionally moving and visually striking film for general audiences, Stories of Healing can also be used as an educational tool for art therapists, psychologists and other professionals working in the healing community.

Charlie Ryder is a puppeteer, creative producer, and collaborator. In 1995 he was sent to prison for 16 months for his part in a violent protest against racism. While in prison he kept a scrapbook to record his journey which he later developed into a one man play to share his prison experience.

Invisible, by Joni-Rae Carrack, explores her personal experience of anxiety. The film provides understanding of the physical and emotional effects of a long-term illness, and how just talking about it can help to relieve the pressure. This was made before Joni suffered a breakdown, one which led to medical intervention that finally led her onto a road to recovery.