Joni-Rae Carrack
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Mental Health

It's not a secret that I have been struggling from my mental health from an early age

Here are the ways and the projects I have committed to keep the mental health conversation going


Blog Posts

I always endeavour to write about my own mental health and the challenges that come from a career in the arts. I'll be honest about my worst days and probably less about my best



Natalie is a manic and dyslexic extrovert. Joni is an indecisive and dispraxic introvert - yet they both have Anxiety. Join us each month as we explore our own fun-founded realities behind mental health as we break down the stigma attached to our fickle friend: Anxiety. 

With special guests from music geniuses Flo and Joan and charities LGBT+ Switchboard

We're raising awareness by being bloody honest and just chatting away

Hosted by On-SOAP and supported by the Free Association

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Do You Mind?

Do You Mind? has been my way of talking about my own mental health. As I was developing projects around others mental health I realised it was only right for me to get my own experience on the stage, before expecting anyone else to. It was a way of getting it out of my system as well!

Do You Mind? is currently being developed as a piece for UK secondary schools with a workshop