Mental Health has always been subject close to my heart. Not only has it impacted my life but also the lives of my friends and family. My work often focuses on finding a voice for the experience of mental health . I always try to be honest about my experience, to help raise awareness, to inform on how it feels but also to make sure no one else feels alone. Below are some of the ways that I want to help:



I split my time between performing, workshops and facilitating Mental Health First Aid training. I have been a MHFA Instructor since November 2018 and have delivered consistently since. I work on behalf of Green Cross Training and also privately. Get in touch to find out more about the MHFA courses I deliver in Brighton and throughout the UK

Through this course we take people on a journey to understand what mental health is. We discuss how we all have mental health, like physical health, and we teach people to look after their own and others’ wellbeing.
— MHFA England

Mental Health access - consultation

As we start to recognize mental health as a serious health issue, we also need to think about how these issues can impact peoples day-to-day lives, particularly in accessing and engaging in social activities.

I specialize in mental health access within the arts. I utilize my experience of anxiety and panic attack and of working and visiting theatres to give a unique insight into how people may find difficulties in accessing the arts.

Let’s start the conversation about mental health access:

Blog Posts

I always endeavour to write about my own mental health and the challenges that come from a career in the arts. I'll be honest about my worst days and probably less about my best



Natalie is a manic and dyslexic extrovert. Joni is an indecisive and dispraxic introvert - yet they both have Anxiety. Listen in on our podcast as we explore our own fun-founded realities behind mental health as we break down the stigma attached to our fickle friend: Anxiety. 

We're raising awareness by being bloody honest and just chatting away

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Do You Mind?

Do You Mind? has been my way of talking about my own mental health. As I was developing projects around others mental health I realised it was only right for me to get my own experience on the stage, before expecting anyone else to. It was a way of getting it out of my system as well!

Do You Mind? has been performed in theatres across the UK and internationally.

It has found a new audience in boardrooms and organisations, including OneFamily and as a part of Mental Health Awareness months and Wellbeing Weeks.