Joni-Rae Carrack
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Some thoughts and that

Calum gave me a great wee DSLR camera for Christmas AND birthday last/this year (One advantage of having a January birthday) 

So like anyone who gets a new camera I have stopped for a couple of minutes during walks, squatting down to get the best shot and been capturing EVERY thing there is to.

And I don't think they're that bad

There's something really wonderful about having your perspectives changed when you're trying to figure out what makes a good photo. Even when not actively looking for a shot, I've become more aware of colour, tone, foreground, background and how things are naturally framed.

I just like trying something different creatively, it keeps me on my toes and keeps me learning

AND you can shoot remotely which I'm still getting my head around.

Also it's going to be bloody useful with the next few shows, marketing material, show reels, documentation and films I've got planned this year it's probably the most practical present I've received. 

Apart from my Great British Bake-Off Star Baker apron.

Anyway, here is a few shots that I'm particularly proud of of the local scenery that was just begging to be shot.