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#MondayMotivation - Do What You Love

It’s Monday and I’m inspired. Maybe it’s Fringe Fever that's in the air in Brighton like how the air is getting that muggy feeling from a few good days of sunshine. It could just be the sunshine, to be fair. It could be the pep talk I got from Calum last night (he's the BOSS at pep talks). It could even be the Grand Design Live show we went to on Sunday because Calum bloody loves Grand Designs and I like looking at cool stuff. It could be the fact I've finally started listening to Scroobius Pip's amazing Podcast Distraction Pieces which is just a bloody treat to the ears and the head.

I was walking into town this morning on the hunt for a mini sewing kit with Scroobius' chat with Alan Moore in my ear feeling full of energy and creativity. Which is great as I haven't exactly felt that in a while. 

Health update: It's getting better. I'm not feeling sick so much during the day and managing to actually eat a bit more, although my appetite has become a bit sidetracked. I'm still feeling sick during the night and have been woken up by it, but luckily I've been given some sedatives to force me back to sleep. However not feeling sick all day is doing wonders and I'm feeling quite motivated.

It's funny, because all this energy and sense of feeling better is being complimented by an idea that has been following me this weekend. 

That I need to do what you love and embrace it because that's where my satisfaction and happiness in life will be. To do what is me and not what isn't me.

Do you ever get that feeling that everything is saying the same thing, the things you listen to, the people you talk to, the things you see? Now, really this is just confirmation bias, which is when your brain highlights things that confirm a belief or a perception that you have, that you wouldn't otherwise have noticed. It's like when you hear a certain word for the first time and then everyone is saying it or when you interpret information to meet what you already believe in

After a rough year or so I was trying to figure out myself as a performer and artist and what I could do to keep on working. I knew that working creatively made me content and that's what I was needing from life. Now that I was starting to feel a little more myself I wanted to know which direction to go into, to work on what I could while I'm still not 100%. I need to take my time with what I want to do.

Going to Grand Designs showed me the beautiful things people could do when they enjoy what they do and are are passionate (I fell in love with the most beautiful larder). They could live off what they created.

Scroobius Pip was chatting to Alan Moore (writer of some of my favourite graphic novels) and they were talking about how they decided to do what made them happy and what they loved to do and how that turned into a living for them (amongst other things!) 

Yesterday Calum said to me straight that my creativity should be about what I want and love to do and that it was worth to take my time with it. 


So what do I love to do

- I love performing

- I love dogs

- I love making stuff with my hands

- I love writing (even if it takes me ages

- I like making posters/flyers/trailers and showing bits and pieces of my work

- I really love reading - it's the way I learn best and I'll soak up information like a sponge even if I struggle to interpret it later. 

-Learning new stuff...related to reading...

So I decided this morning. I love to read, I'm feeling inspired and I kind of what to learn something new

Went to the Jubilee Library in Brighton (there was a crowd of people waiting to go in so I felt like I was in the right place and feeling very proud of everyone)

I went round the book cases, feeling that lovely curious feeling you get when you don't mind what you read really you just want something new in your head.

Found a range of things

Here they are

This post may not make much sense, and it might be a bit of a train wreck but it's mostly because I want to get up and read something instead of writin

I was just excited about it

So excuse this


Just wanted to share


Do what you love

I'll do something a bit more clear in a bit


Joni-Rae Carrack