Day 94/5



I stayed up way past my bedtime last night (for fun stuff!) and now suffering the tired. Problem is I have a wee pup to feed in the morning so there is no lie in for me or I would feel guilty leaving him hungry. And he was a starved scrap when we got him so I know hes been left hungry before!

So the potential guilt out weighs my sleep! But yeah Im being reminded that while annoying sometimes my sleep patterns are so essential for my mental health. Luckily its Sunday so it’s been a soft gentle day.

Have been trying to reconnect with the good things in life and put effort into the things that make me feel happy. Even though Ive been tired Im making a renewed effort to do the things I like. The Brighton Fringe has given me a huge boost with this as Ive been easily able to indulge in some theatre (great and not so great!) Ive also tried to cook more at home or go out for really good food instead of deliveroo-ing stuff in. Basically Ive been trying to get out of the house more for myself, instead of only leaving to take the dog for a walk or go to my office.

Its been good, seeing people, feeling nourished even though its been a little tiring

My husband and I also got given a bread maker for free so we have been making bread (really delicious bread) and thinking of some recipes we want to try. Im really loving this and finding small things to do together.

I dont actually need much to be happy sometimes and I cherish the little things. Sometimes I just have to look more closely for those little things and remind myself they are enough :)