Day 9



Started running again, with my best fitness coach. He needs walking everyday so I might as well run with him. And it makes him so happy and chilled and somedays it does that for me. I used to not believe much into the exercise leads to better mental health studies. Its all too easy to assume thats all that separates someone from recovery and thats not fair or realistic . Some days/weeks I think it saps my energy to the point that I don’t have enough to get on with other daily tasks and that makes me feel like a failure, which leads to more anxiety which Im too tired to cope with properly. So I have to be careful. But I felt good about today.

I prefer running on cold days as well.

I would prefer to go swimming but thats too expensive for me at the mo. And taking the pup kills the proverbial two birds


Also today I came to the conclusion that someone in my flats building has stolen my @theblurtfoundation BuddyBox from the communal post bit :( its really bummed me out. Which is a little funny (got to try for positive), because it was all about Self Care and so I could so do with some of that being a possible victim of crime! @thomasjancis says it was Theft of Care which actually makes it sadder somehow! Someone stole my care. The one nice thing I wanted to do for myself.

Was really looking forward to it. But maybe the thief will get some perspective and look after themselves a bit more and will learn they are enough. ;) 😆