Day 5




Almost missed this one!

Went to sleep last night at 12:30am woke up at 3am and have been awake ever since. Boooooy howdy

Jetlag, anxiety or both. Brain was very awake and thinking of pure nonsense. At 5am I was convinced I could fix the Emoji Movie so thats the level Im talking about

Ive had to employ a lot of self care and gentle expectations for my day. Nothing grand was going to happen, no great plans would be instigated even though Im raring to start doing things and get thebyear started properly.

All I could do was eat properly at the right times (even though my stomach feels tight and heavy and empty all of the same time) a touch of caffeine and going for a dog walk. Also seeing family, especially my nephew who got me through the afternoon (although I feel guilty for being tired geeeeeeeez girl)

I should note just how weird my whole self feels this exhausted and vow to never voluntarily allow myself to get like this knackered (like I did last year maybe why them panic attacks came roaring back)

Nuff for now. Stupid tired and trying to ignore how blaaaagh I feel

No naps so take that jet-lag