Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 86/7 89


Oh my goodness. Im not sure Ive ever been this tired as I have been this week. Ive been falling into bed at night and sleeping for hours. I have managed to get up and stay awake most of the day and take my pup for walks but Ive felt my energy being drained by midday. My eyes have felt sore, my head has ached and its been an effort to do anything and then Ive been sleeping more hours than I have done in a long time and sleeping straight through to morning. Ive really struggled with my words and getting my mind in order most days. Tasks have remained undone (but luckily I have space to leave then undone)
Im hoping my body has just taken the permission Ive given it to take it easy and has really gone with it.
Although strangely enough, I went to get at 11 last night (a lot later than Ive been managing) and woke up at 1:30am. Didnt get to sleep until after 4 and woke up at 6:45 for a tech rehearsal. Today has however been the most awake and alert Ive been for about a week. Maybe Im just turning a corner, or finally caught up on sleep. Or maybe Ive been binging on sleep and thats not been good either. Maybe its cos I spent lots of time in the sun this morning?
Just another curve ball to throw into the mix. Its hard when my sleep has been disturbed a lot recently and I have been unwinding some stress away so I have been needing to get to bed early to try and make sure I still got some hours of sleep even if I did wake up for hours half way through. 
Anyway, would love some better days like this. I got quite a few tasks to do tomorrow so that would be grand.