Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 70/71/72


Its been a few days that have both been bloody rewarding and productive AND full of nerves, worry and anticipation. 
Ive bashed out a lot of applications and Ive used puppetry to talk to children about depression, poorly feelings and making sure they have someone to talk to. It’s a message to a much younger me that I am making the change she needed. Im part of an incredibly wonderful team.

Also been terribly worried about the future. I think its resolved itself but I was making myself sick with uncertainty. After finding some reassurance I went on this glorious walk with my two best boys. Chatted to them both (even though ones a dog but I had been telling kids they can talk to their pets if they are upset about something so practice what you preach Joni) about the shows Im doing and I felt the nervous energy seep out of me. I can do this, with both of them on my side.

Bonus photo of my mental health tracker, and the “Happy Streak” Ive had over the past week. Its not my “ive been happy all day” or even “happiness has been my dominant emotion that day” but that I have felt happy. And thats a good foundation to have.

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