Day 69

Today has been a big day of procrastination but at least most of my procrastination has been productive. 
Like doing the washing, making breakfast stuff, folding laundry, walking Dug - so procrastiductive? 
All of this of doing something I really want but Im sure Im not good enough for. So theres a big bit of self esteem challenging here :/ but I will get onto it. Eventually.

Also realised that it was I that had made a mistake that meant I didnt get paid for some work I did and not the company. Admitted it immediately and was glad I had kept things light when I had chased then up. Trying not to let it ruin my day or let any “im the worst it was all my fault they’ll never work with me again”. We all make mistakes and Im going to own this one but not let it own me. So today is a good day cos I dealt with that shit well