Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 68


Its lovely how a good bit of sunshine can do for the soul. 
Or it may be sending off some applications for a few different kind of jobs thats making me feel productive. One of these potential job is a bit of a Plan B, BUT is something that could make a lot of difference and is potentially nourishing for my soul
Im being a bit vague cos one of my various cognitive errors is getting scared that the more excited I get for something, the more I get my hopes up, the more likely something wont happen.
It’s like if I reveal some hope and happiness its asking for it to be taken away. 
It’s Like seagulls and chips. You keep the tasty, beautiful crisp chips close to yourself so only you can feel the warmth and smell the salt and vinegar. Otherwise you’ll have a seagull pinching more than just a few.

But between you and me Im just a wee bit excited and theres a little hope for the future...

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