Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 59 of 365


Good morning all my ice cream lickers 🍦 👅 
This wasnt taken yesterday cos I forgot to take photos but sums up a lot of yesterday.
What a beautiful day it was! And my friend chose a great day to meet up and go throw rocks at the sea. We did some great hanging out, had ice cream, went to the park.
At one point we were lying on the grass and I realised we had no greater objective than to lay on the grass. We didn’t need an activity, we didnt need to do anything. I could just lay here with them and soak up some sun. 
Its been so so long since Ive just laid on the grass and didn’t feel like I had to do anymore than that. 
The last memory I have of that I think I was on my MA (so 3 years ago) outside the Hampstead Theatre just chilling and wasting time. 
I realise how much more of that I need to do. I get so caught up in need to dos or having something to do that I forget just to sit and relax.
I think that 10 mins or so was the first time Id relaxed properly in a very long time.
More of that please. 
And with that Im going to get off Instagram and not do for a bit :)