Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 58 of 365


Bad stuff about yesterday: slow brain, I feel like Im in a big fog a fog thats seeping into my muscles, feel like a big time imposter
Good Things: Im getting up everyday, I ate 3 meals, I had chocolate, my mindfulness streak is up to 6 days, I completed the tasks I wanted to and didn’t have to rush or take more time than I thought, I did several creative things that Im content with and I ignored the perfectionist in me, might have a interesting and overall super helpful job to just got to grab it with both hands, I walked the dog twice, I helped my husband, I did a bit of connecting with other people without it feeling like Im connecting, I had a long bath

So even though I feel foggy Im getting through the days like a boss. Thats what I got to hold onto to
Tiny steps baby