Day 57

A better day today, starting off with a long work and a homemade oat bar which lead straight into some creative work (as you may have seen) 
Forgot to take lunch with me and it sure did show. Sometimes I completely forget how important food and energy is especially during particularly focused problem solve-y creative work. 
When Im trying to figure something out I feel both anxiety and creativity. There two sides of the same coin I often think and without one I probably wouldn’t have the other. So I have to take the anxious thoughts with my creative thoughts. And both can be draining and demanding on my energy and effort.

Felt my brain slowing down and my skin felt a bit buzzy like it does before I get overwhelmed or frazzled. I can feel my resources feeling stretched thin and I sometimes forget that a bit of food can be essential. I forget that its not just about satisfying the hunger in my tummy but about boosting my energy. Maybe its cos Ive had many a food coma in the past!
Have got both breakfast and lunch for tomorrow planned so hopefully shouldn’t get the same slump and will be able to continue my paper craft and stickers for tomorrow.