Joni-Rae Carrack

365 Days of Recovery

Day 56


It helps when a struggly day coincides with a four day bank holiday weekend. Particularly when its a holiday where resting, stock taking and eating a tonne of chocolate arent just social acceptable but mandated. 
Weirdly, I find that if something knocks my progress back, it takes a day or so of feeling really horrible crap and then I start to turn a corner. I think that crappy time is becoming shorter. Taking a day rather than several. Maybe this is a goal? Try and get it down to 3/4 of a day? Then to half?

Whats been lovely is to spend four days with my husband and dog and have a good chill, while eating well and hanging with each other. Both have no expectations for me (well Dug does expect a walk and food but thats all good for me too)
Ive spent most of my time in a onesie but also walking or pootling round the shops and waiting for Hotel Choclate to have its post Easter sale. (We scored big)

The four days has felt like one big Saturday with a Sunday tacked on the end and I keep having to remind myself its Monday today which has caused me more anxiety than it has. Im scared of falling behind on the week before its even began. This is probably because I’ll be performing on Saturday in Swindon and I still have stuff to do to make sure Im ready. 
To keep me on track Ive written my To Do list in my bullet journal (got to thank @artyarty_liza for getting back into bullet journalling in a big way!) and got my week laid out. This helps me keep focused and Ive tried to only give myself tasks relating to my show rather than give me a thousand things to do for various projects. Hoping that will help me acknowledge and notice the progress I am making rather than convincing myself Im not completing anything.

Looking forward to starting the week properly tomorrow.