Day 2

Day 2 of 365 Days of Recovery

Made it to Day 2! And thank you the support, love and comments 🙂 This will be a biggie but thats because its a big fear day.

All Ive had for lunch is an iced latte and its all I’ll consume for most of the day.

This is because of an hour long car ride to LAX airport Ive got coming up in a couple of hours that has been making me anxious all day.

Over the last week Ive had a panic attack every time Ive gone into a car.

Even just thinking about it has triggered one off. Sometimes its been mild, sometimes its felt like someone has reached into my gut and squeezed.

Ive always been scared of being sick and the one constant anxiety symptom Ive had since I was young has been nausea. Nice combo right?

So being in a car, that I cant stop, thats not mine, feeling that Im going to be sick, even if I know full well its just anxious symptoms is terrifying On of my biggest fears to loose control to the detriment if others.

Now I have that every time Im asked to go into a car even ten minutes down the road, even to something fun to the cinema or to a cup cake decorating activity. I need to face my worse fear when I just want to hang with my family.

So I do what I can to reduce my panic before we get there and humour my anxiety logic. I.e Cant be sick with an empty stomach or at least it wont be that bad! Its an element of control I have. Ive also had travel sickness pills, I have some rescue remedy pastilles and some chewing gum to keep my distracted.

All for one hour

Whats weird that on my way to LA from the airport I was fine. No panic. Enjoyed the ride actually.

So it just show what a difference a couple of weeks can make and how much anxiety and triggers can fluctuate. Thats why this is still a battle.