A Break

So I kind of failed at my 365 Days of recovery. And its cos my anxiety got the best of me. Haha. Yes I get it.
I got really besieged by thoughts and physical symptoms and things just crashed around me.
I think I was trying to validate myself and my experience through doing this and sharing my days on Instagram. Im not sure I got the balance right. But thats part of it I guess yeah?
I think I was just hoping to be heard because 11 year old me didnt have the words and 28 year old me has all the chuffing words in the world now and theres still a bit of 11 year old me crying out and I havent quite convinced her its okay. But I was scared I would be seen as attention seeking or boring or using it as a sob story. It hasnt been for me. Its just an ongoing battle
I want to help people, both those who are suffering and ones who havent been want to know what its like.
Was this the right way to do it? And who should i be doing this for? Me or others? What do you think. Im kind of desperate to know
Basically I just lacked confidence in my words and how I felt. Im scared it doesnt really matter or mean much to anyone else. 
Also I turned 28 last week and feel a bit terrified of growing ‘old’ 😂