Day 11




Dug is so much more photogenic (and sleepy) than me.


This week has been a little weird. Today we noticed the light in the oven had decided to stop working, drawers have been refusing to open and our toaster broke. Combine that with a parcel of mine being stolen and I cant help but think Ive got a run of bad luck on the go. Nothing too bad though or disastrous


Whats weird is that with these little blips have almost been a vehicle my anxiety has been trying to smuggle bad self esteem worries. Ive felt a few echoes of the thoughts that question my self worth and theyve all come on the back of these little bits of bad luck.  Its just funny.


Whats been useful about writing these posts are my days have been automatically reflective. And Im challenged to think through whatever Ive been feeling or to flag it the first place. This is somewhat driven by a fear of being seen as attention seeking or oversharing but this is just an example of how anxiety can be hacked sometimes to get something positive out of it.


So thank you everyone whose encouraged me so far